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Friday, January 2, 2015

NEW Supplier: Biomatrica Inc. – Stabilize & Protect your Biological Materials at Room Temperature

Stratech Scientific are pleased to now offer the Biomatrica® product range. These products provide an innovative alternative to reliance on cold chain logistics using Biomatrica’s proprietary core technology SampleMatrix® deveolped to stabilize and protect biological materials at room temperature without degradation. The SampleMatrix technology was designed by combining extremophile biology that enables long-term survival of organisms in extremely dry environments, with synthetic chemistry. By exploiting these unique characteristics, Biomatrica products enable researchers in academia, pharmaceutical drug development, and molecular diagnostics to stabilize, ship and store biological samples for long periods of time with complete and rapid sample recovery, and at very affordable costs.
Consistent sample maintenance allows for experimental reproducibility, and therefore ensures reliability, speeds time to results, greatly reduces costs, and is an environmentally sustainable alternative to all forms of cold storage. This technology can be applied to thousands of currently available products in the biotechnology, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries, and has direct applications for billions of samples generated from genome mapping, and sample archiving used for personalized medicine and forensics analysis in law enforcement and the military.
One key focus is serving the biobanking community. The combination of Biomatrica’s innovative room temperature-based formulations for shipping, archiving and preservation of DNA (purified gDNA, blood, buffy coat, tissues and cells) and RNA (tRNA, mRNA, miRNA, siRNA), and industry-leading automation and bio-storage companies, offers a cost-effective, scalable and highly flexible solution for biobanking.


Where can I find more information about Biomatrica?
Visit the manufacturer page at www.stratech.co.uk/biomatrica, email info@stratech.co.ukor call +44 (0) 1638 782600.
Stratech Scientific is a distributor of high quality, competitively priced, reliable products for research laboratories throughout the UK and Europe. Please contact us to find out which ranges we can supply in your country.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

IBA's Cost-effective and easy to handle biotin removal

Biotin is often present in cell culture media. Its nearly irreversible binding to Strep-Tactin has to be taken into account for two reasons when recombinant proteins secreted to the cell culture supernatant are aimed to be directly purified via Strep-Tactin affinity chromatography:
  • It efficiently competes with the (Twin-)Strep-tag target proteinthereby preventing it from getting bound to the resin
  • it inactivates Strep-Tactin resins and thus make a re-use impossible.
BioLock is a ready-to-use and cost effective solution for the removal of free biotin from cell culture supernatant. It simply has to be added to the cell culture supernatant prior to purification.
The required amount of BioLock for effective biotin blocking can easily be determined since 1ml BioLock blocks 70 μg biotin. In addition we provide a table with the required BioLock amounts for standard mammalian and insect cell culture media. More information (pdf 1.1MB)
For detailed product information please download the data sheet.

For additional information contact info@stratech.co.uk.

Product Focus: Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase + Exonuclease I for cleanup of PCR products

Jena Bioscience's SAP-Exo Kit is a quick, easy and reliable enzymatic cleanup reagent to remove excess primers and dNTPs within 15 minutes. The kit is specially recommended to clean-up PCR products for subsequent applications like sequencing, genotyping, cloning or SNP analysis.
  • Fast 15 minute protocol
  • No loss of DNA - 100% recovery rate
  • Complete removal of primers and nucleotides
  • Fully scalable to different reaction sizes
  • No interference with downstream applications
  • Easy to automate

SAP-Exo Kit

Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase + Exonuclease I for cleanup of PCR products
Product Cat. No. Amount
S pack PP-218S 200 reactions
L pack PP-218L 1000 reactions

Datasheet for SAP-Exo Kits

SAP-Exo Kit is an enzymatic cleanup reagent for quick, easy and reliable PCR purification